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On starting a blog

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Remember how it felt, way back at school, when you opened a new exercise book on it’s first pristine page? With a newly sharpened pencil clutched in your fist you hesitated, like a diver poised for that moment, before taking the plunge. How deliciously  intimidating yet seductive it was. That page could be anything you wanted it to be. You could write deathless prose on it, draw pictures that would amaze future generations. Or, you could do what the teacher told you to do. ‘First thing class, write the date at the top of the page’. The magical moment was destroyed as you descended into the mundane world again! And the next page never felt the same.

Today I am starting this blog, with what feels like that prisitine page. What do I write about? I hope that as I get used to it, I’ll be able to dive in and write all kinds of interesting things.

But for now, I’m a bit nervous about where I go from here. so, I’m starting the first few words, almost like writing the date at the top of the page. And I’ll be able to read it through in the weeks and months to come and realise that  maybe I have written deathless prose, or witty scraps about my life and struggles.  I plan to enjoy the ride!


Author: booksdefineme

I have always been surrounded by books. My parents had books, books and more books. I haunted the library as a child and when I grew up I worked in books shops. When I had children and they went to school I ran the school library. And my husband keeps on telling me there are too many books in the house. They somehow seem to pile up on every available surface almost of their own volition. I fight back and donate mounds of them to the local library but somehow it is a losing battle. I just find more taking their place! For the last eight years or so I have been wrestling with writing a novel and what a fierce tussle it is. I am about to publish this magnum opus in a few weeks time. I feel as I did when I gave birth to my children; nervous but excited!

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