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Weekly Writing Challenge: Easy As Pie


This post is a small section from a novel I am writing

As the boats approached the funeral isle of San Michele in the mist they could see the rosy-brick wall that surrounds the island and the shadowy shapes of cypress trees that loomed like giant guardians behind it. It looks like some walled country estate, thought Libby surprised, but the fields are rippling waves, for all the world as though it has been magically transported from the countryside by some great Gulliver and is now floating dreamily on the sea.


Author: booksdefineme

I have always been surrounded by books. My parents had books, books and more books. I haunted the library as a child and when I grew up I worked in books shops. When I had children and they went to school I ran the school library. And my husband keeps on telling me there are too many books in the house. They somehow seem to pile up on every available surface almost of their own volition. I fight back and donate mounds of them to the local library but somehow it is a losing battle. I just find more taking their place! For the last eight years or so I have been wrestling with writing a novel and what a fierce tussle it is. I am about to publish this magnum opus in a few weeks time. I feel as I did when I gave birth to my children; nervous but excited!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: Easy As Pie

  1. Very expressive, interesting prose. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Interesting response to the challenge. You also want the reader to want to know more.

    • Thank you. I hope it will prove to be a teaser. I’ve decided to go the e-book route with this novel that has taken 8 exhausting years to finish. I’ve just got a final edit and then hopefully, it’s A-OK.

  3. Interesting post – I too am in the long process of editing to publish so thanks for your post and for visiting my blog.

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