the journey of a budding author

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


The first tentative blossoming

 while winter acts

 As tho’ its grip is permanent





My baby, my book

I’ve been encouraged by other bloggers who have published their writings as e-books and after much thought I’ve decided to go that route too. Over the years I have had conversations with people in formal publishing and almost to a man they say, ‘Don’t publish as an ebook, don’t go the ‘vanity publishing’ route,  keeping knocking on the door of regular publishing houses until someone might eventually take a chance on you’ as if being rejected over and over again is a badge of honour! At least if it ‘bombs’ as an e-book you know you just try again and a lot rests in your own hands.

Well I don’t want my child to land up on the desk of some editor with pms who’ll bin it just because she can! And think of the small return…I was told that writers should not expect to make MONEY out of their work, oh no! I recently read of a very successful author who has been added to the authors ‘millionaire’s club’ and in her interview she said wistfully that she wished it was money and not just a million books sold…what does that tell you?

I began a book eight years ago and it started with a one sentence idea. I only wrote a plot for the story months after I began writing. The story was cobbled together gradually, more like a patchwork quilt, and I wrote brilliant pieces that I finally had to discard. I’ve polished whole sequences and then chucked them out again and again. I’ve got over the boredom of constant editing  and fallen in love time and again. Now I think I can see the end. What a journey! And I can feel I’m going to miss the experience of thinking and reasoning, the research and the characters especially.

I guess it’s like motherhood. You have a baby and when it becomes independent, you have another just for the same rush! I’ll have to start sorting through my notes for that new idea very  soon…