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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate





That book…

Well, I think I can see the end of the tunnel  . . . my opus is out there for its final edit. (I hope) The cover is being designed. It feels like it is finally getting somewhere. I have called it ‘Every Hidden Thing’


Aroma therapy

Is there any more evocative perfume  than that of freshly cut grass or the dry earth receiving the first rain of the season? The whiff of coffee can take me back to a bar-brasserie in Paris. The smell of diesel fuel, awful yes, but in a crazy way I remember Heraklion on Crete! There was some heath robinson contraption belching out fumes under my hotel window. A good memory notwithstanding. The sweet milky smell of your baby’s neck. Mothballs, musty books, mom’s cooking, the smell of the sea before you can see it

the smell of the sea, and the old morris minor

the smell of the sea, and the old morris minor

DSC02724, the smell of the inside of the old Morris Minor. Newly polished furniture. Recently we were driving through the countryside  and a huge storm came up. As the rain thundered down on the land a wonderful herby smell filled the car as the khakibos weed was flattened by the downpour. These all are  gateways to wonderful memories.

What are the aromas that stir your favourite memories? I’d love to read about them!