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Every Hidden Thing. Now available on Amazon

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I am delighted to announce that I have just downloaded Every Hidden Thing onto Amazon. It will be available within 24 hours of this post at a cost of $5.99.

Next, we anticipate a print-on-demand edition coming very soon. Watch this space!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Threshold

The word threshold is an ancient one and harks back to the days when the householder put fresh ‘threshings’ on the floor to absorb the detritus of everyday living. Because this was not a fixed covering there was a ‘threshold’ put into the doorway to prevent the straw from sliding out of the house.

In Venice are the world’s most vulnerable thresholds, not keeping anything in, but rather they are flimsy protection against the most destructive of elements, the Aqua Alta. Fortunately I was not there during one of these fearsome tidal events but as I walked around I was aware of the fragile defences that most of Venice raises against this enemy.

I photographed the dog simply because he was ‘on the threshold’ stolidly taking the air and I wondered if he ever sat down! There was no food or water nearby so I hope he was only out for a short while.

2007-02-20 12.51.58

2007-02-20 12.19.55