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Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Newly weds

Newly weds

please click on the photo for enlargement.

I can’t think of a better way to express ‘NEW’. A marriage is all new; new name; new husband; new wife; new experiences;new home; new future; new dreams; new life.


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I am re-blogging this post for my daughter Natalie and son-in-law Steve who are basking in the beauty of Paris at the moment!

Old, yet still beautiful;

World-weary yet never tired.

You sing a siren song

To entice the unwary to your breast.

From the ends of the earth

They hear your seductive call

And come to drink deeply

Of the heady wine of your presence;

To eat at your table where

All their lusts will be fulfilled.

And when they leave


To you it matters not whether they stay or go.

A heartless mistress,

You blink your heavy-lidded

Eyes and turn away with

Careless lifted shoulder

As they depart with aching hearts

To dream forever of returning

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