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Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale
My search for the Nile Meter in my photo records for last week’s challenge, highlighted our 2008 trip to Egypt and so the project for this week, SCALE, was just a small leap for me. The grand scale of Egyptian monuments is overwhelming when you see them in person. Photos don’t give a hint of their splendour. And one has to remember that when they were first built aeons ago they far surpassed the majesty that so impresses us in these days. Much of what we see nowadays has been restored from piles of rubble. Many of the extraordinary buildings had to be dug from the sand, or reconstructed as far as they could. Much of the stone had disappeared, used in commonplace structures of the centuries, but archaeologists have done a marvelous work in recreating to some degree the wonders of ancient Egypt. These photographs are of the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Luxor o1-Egypt 1 cairo to Aswan Elaine 0941-Egypt 1 cairo to Aswan Elaine 095
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Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

Some years ago, we went on an extraordinary journey down the Nile. I have been fascinated by Egypt since I was a teenager so this cruise was a dream come true. Amongst all the wonders, we came across was this rather pedestrian-looking well. However it was explained to us that what the purpose of it was to measure the rise and fall of the very life source of Egypt. I quote, ” Given the importance of the Nile flooding [9] and its regular returns, it is no wonder that the Egyptians began measuring the rise probably even before historic times in order to predict the harvest. At first these records were little more than marks on the river bank, but later marked stairs, pillars or wells were built and records of the measurements kept. The most important nilometer lay on the island of Elephantine, others were built at different times at Philae, Edfu, Khenu, Memphis, Heliopolis, Buto and other places [4]” This particular Nile metre is at Kom Ombo in the south near Aswan.

Nile meter in Egypt.

Nile meter in Egypt.
This post was in response to the ”Depth” was this week’s theme. Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge; further details on how to participate and links to others’ responses are found