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Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

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Some years ago, we went on an extraordinary journey down the Nile. I have been fascinated by Egypt since I was a teenager so this cruise was a dream come true. Amongst all the wonders, we came across was this rather pedestrian-looking well. However it was explained to us that what the purpose of it was to measure the rise and fall of the very life source of Egypt. I quote, ” Given the importance of the Nile flooding [9] and its regular returns, it is no wonder that the Egyptians began measuring the rise probably even before historic times in order to predict the harvest. At first these records were little more than marks on the river bank, but later marked stairs, pillars or wells were built and records of the measurements kept. The most important nilometer lay on the island of Elephantine, others were built at different times at Philae, Edfu, Khenu, Memphis, Heliopolis, Buto and other places [4]” This particular Nile metre is at Kom Ombo in the south near Aswan.

Nile meter in Egypt.

Nile meter in Egypt.
This post was in response to the ”Depth” was this week’s theme. Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge; further details on how to participate and links to others’ responses are found


Author: booksdefineme

I have always been surrounded by books. My parents had books, books and more books. I haunted the library as a child and when I grew up I worked in books shops. When I had children and they went to school I ran the school library. And my husband keeps on telling me there are too many books in the house. They somehow seem to pile up on every available surface almost of their own volition. I fight back and donate mounds of them to the local library but somehow it is a losing battle. I just find more taking their place! For the last eight years or so I have been wrestling with writing a novel and what a fierce tussle it is. I am about to publish this magnum opus in a few weeks time. I feel as I did when I gave birth to my children; nervous but excited!

One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Depth

  1. Perfect example of the meaning of depth, Elaine. That must have been a fascinating trip. I have never been to that part of the world.

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