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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

These photos were taken worlds apart. The dragonfly alighted on our  boat while we were ambling down a quiet river in France. Fortunately I had my camera at the ready for other wonders, but this elegant creature stopped just long enough for me to get a photo. It was his colour that caught my eye but, just for a moment he sat on the rail and shone!

The other photo was taken on a cattle farm  in the north of South Africa. It was last winter and we were on holiday there. The winter veld is a dismal brown as there is no rain for months on end and the winds were bitter. We had found a sunny sheltered spot where we could cuddle up to our mugs of tea. The turquoise flash of this lovely lizard engaged my attention and I was glad  was able to get a photo because the click of the camera chased him back into a crack in the plaster. It wasn’t until I saw the two pictures together I realised that they were almost a matched pair with their brilliant colour and jewel-like shine.




Weekly Photo Challenge : H2O

The photos were taken in the Nelspruit Botanical Gardens in the province of Mpumalanga South Africa. They demonstrate the might and power of H2O but also the quiet, shady backwaters it offers for peaceful contemplation.


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Weekly photo Challenge: Opposites


The contract between the glorious orange of the aloe flower ( Botanical name Kniphofia) and the black wooden fence strikes a perfect contrast.  DSC08933

Engagement pics at Parys etc 023Opposites attract they say! Large brown great Dane perfectly happy to be the sofa for a tiny fox terrier.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

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Rushing Home before the storm.

Rushing Home before the storm.

Some years ago, we were on holiday in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and we had spent a long day out driving. As Evening fell, we realised we had a storm behind us and we were on a dirt road so it was important to get under shelter. My husband could not stop of course and we were tired and hungry and rushing to get back. I took this photo through the windscreen traveling at 120 kms an hour. The effect was rather like an Impressionist painting!

This photo was posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

A gathering of seagulls waiting for their ship to come in! A gathering of seagulls waiting for their ship to come in![/caption]

Seagulls and a gathering a fishing boats in the background

Seagulls and a gathering a fishing boats in the background

These photos were taken at Struisbaai (Ostrich Bay in English) in the southern Cape. South Africa.

The post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy.

Eye Spy

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I waited some time in total silence hardly daring to breathe, in order to see this lizard shyly peer out of his hidey hole again. He had flashed away when I spotted him first and then when it seemed safe to look he crept out warily, eyeing me to see if I presented any danger to him. He was gone at the click of my camera.

This post was in response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. “Eye Spy” is this week’s theme. ‘Eye Spy’ Everyone is welcome to join in the Challenge.